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Receive SMS to your never-been-used DialMe phone numbers privately and anonymously

Have phone numbers without purchasing a mobile device, providing your ID, or waiting for shipping.

DialMe's public phone numbers are free to try


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*An optimistic arrival period and costs of shipping a foreign SIM card to your house

No need to purchase a mobile device or a physical SIM card to have a brand-new phone number

DialMe provides you SMS receiving capabilities without the hassle of shipping costs/delays and ID requirement.

No ID is needed to have SIM cards from foreign countries that require ID

In many countries, it's required to provide your personal ID to purchase a phone number. DialMe handles this so you do not have to.

Multiple signups to the platforms that don't accept your personal phone number

You may need to create multiple accounts but some websites don't allow you because your personal phone number is already in use. DialMe solves this problem.

Leave no trace of your identity while signing up to a platform

Platforms can easily identify you by looking up your SIM card details via your telecom provider. Once you use DialMe phone numbers with a VPN, you're pretty much invisible.


Some stats with numbers to provide advatanges of DialMe

Get rid of your privacy concerns

Similar to your passport, your phone number can give out critical data. You don't risk your private data when using your DialMe phone numbers.


Access to the platforms that banned your phone number

Continue using Twitter, Tinder, or the platforms that banned you by using your brand-new DialMe phone number.

Signup to PayPal even though you're in another country

In some countries, PayPal requires you to provide a phone number from the specific country during the signup. If your citizenship and residency country are different, your DialMe phone number will help you.

Guarantee your account signup on platforms such as Amazon and Google

If you have problems during platform signups, verifying with a phone number is a guaranteed way to create an account. With DialMe, your signup will be successful.

Signup to the platforms that don't accept VOIP numbers

All DialMe phone numbers are connected to SIM cards. This allows us to signup to the platforms that VOIP phone numbers cannot.

Have a foreign phone number to access restricted websites

Some country-specific websites may not allow you to use your personal phone number. DialMe provides you with the foreign phone number you need.

Protect yourself from creeps on Tinder or Bumble

Some people may be over-enthusiastic to text you even after a bad date. Stop them by providing your DialMe phone number.

Unlimited guaranteed signups while using DialMe phone numbers

DialMe's phone numbers are connected to brand-new SIM cards. So, you'll open as many accounts as you need if you keep using DialMe.

No wait/payment for shipping a mobile device or SIM card

DialMe is completely web-based so you don't have to ship any physical equipment to start receiving SMS to you brand-new phone number. It is just instant.

Copy/paste SMS without needing or finding your phone

DialMe can be used on any device as long as you're connected to the internet. During your sign-ins, you don't have to find where your phone is. You just need to go to our website and paste the code.,

Seamlessly receive verification SMS when you use VPN frequently

Frequent VPN users are typically asked to provide the SMS verification code during some website sign-in. Dialme can make this seamless by providing a web interface to receive the SMS.

Have additional protection while signing in to asset-transaction platforms

It's possible for some people to trick your telecom provider to access your SIM card. DialMe prevents this possibility completely and provides you total anonymity and encryption.

Never stop receiving SMS even if you forget your phone or don't have it at all

With your DialMe phone number, you can continue receiving SMS without the presence of your phone or owning a mobile device at all.

Test the platforms without using your personal phone number

When you're testing a platform and need to provide a phone number, you can use your DialMe phone number instead of your personal number.

Stop receiving spams to your personal phone number

DialMe gives you the freedom to get rid of all the spam that you'd receive if you use your personal number. You can separate your personal life by using DialMe phone numbers.

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